Better Spaces for people, places, and the planet

At Density we’re on a mission to reduce our footprint on the world, but that ambition starts with understanding how people use the spaces they occupy.

And to do that, we have to understand people.

“There’s no escaping our spaces. They’re all around us. They impact everything we do.” – Aleks Strub, CMO — Density

On December 1st, we partnered with Pop Up Magazine to host Better Spaces, an event exploring all the ways spaces influence personalities, identities, generations, the natural world, and, of course, workplaces. Better Spaces is the culmination of creative minds working together to answer the question of “How does space shape self? And how could those spaces be better?”

Creating better spaces is about serving you and your life without barriers. It means gaining the insights necessary to provide environments that enable and support you. Spaces that unlock your true self while fostering an inclusive community.

“We’ve all been there: an environment that made us feel left out, and sometimes that’s because it was designed intentionally or not to exclude,” says Michelle Lee, Strategy Director at Gensler. “An inclusively designed built environment is an essential component of belonging.”

Better Spaces connects people stories, work stories, and environmental stories —  all to more fully understand how we’re shaped by the world around us.

Discover how the impacts of collegiate laziness and the drive to enjoy a fresh Coca-Cola created the start of what we know as the Internet of Things. Hear the personal story of Uncle Spanky, a successful Filipino musician, who left a life of excitement and fame to chase the American Dream, only to land in a 9-5 as a baggage handler at an airport.

Each of these stories vary greatly but they all encompass one theme — our spaces define us and in one way or many, those spaces can and should be better. You can relive the magic of Better Spaces and experience these wonderful stories here.

“There isn’t a rule book for how to use a building. There isn’t a guide on the right way to use a city. Designers, politicians, city officials, and people take a best guess at what they think people might need and what they might want. And then… people just vote with their feet.” — Derek Gordon, Chief of Staff — Density

Photo credit: Jenna Garrett