COVID vaccine updates — and resources for your return to work

The mass return-to-work movement hinges on the distribution of a successful COVID vaccine. This article (which we update regularly) outlines the latest developments surrounding all potential vaccines, to help you determine when to execute your return-to-work strategy.

The latest (updated on Monday, Dec. 21, 2020):

  • Two coronavirus vaccines are either being distributed, or well on their way, across the country, after the FDA authorized vaccines from both Moderna and Pfizer.
  • Early vaccines will go to front-line workers and high-risk people.
  • The consensus remains that the approved vaccines won’t reach widespread distribution until at least midway through 2021.

Mid-year 2021 is not all that far away — particularly considering what it takes to return millions of people back to the office. In the short tine you have before this return to work, do you know how you’ll keep your spaces safe? 

Here are a roundup of useful articles to help you plan your return to work strategy:

We continue to work with our partners and customers to determine the most effective and safe ways for company leaders to prepare their workspaces and employees for a return to work. We will update this list of resources regularly as we publish new relevant content.

– The Density Team