How empty offices can help you build a better workplace

Hybrid work will change our relationship with physical space. But the persistency of the pandemic is a significant reason why fewer people are coming to the office.


When the pandemic passes, people will return.  The questions we’re all looking to answer is how many will return, how often, and what do they hope to accomplish while at the workplace?

Companies are using this downtime (which Omicron has extended) to make meaningful infrastructure changes that will answer these questions and prepare them to lead the shift to the dynamic workplace.

Take-Two’s Larry Charlip, for example, used the downtime created by the pandemic to install Density sensors during working hours, shortening the time from install to deployment.

“We wouldn’t have been able to do that prior to COVID,” he said. “And we’re changing to Zoom rooms, and that’s going to be done during working hours. We would have never been able to block out 12 conference rooms to do that in three days. It would have taken us four weekends to do it.”

Other companies are using this opportunity to upgrade their HVAC systems without impacting the employee experience.

Regardless of the infrastructure changes you do make, what’s becoming increasingly clear is if physical spaces are a part of your future workplace strategy, now is the time to start taking action on preparing for that future.

Minimize the time and money spent on infrastructure changes

Even with fewer people in the office to contend with, making major infrastructure changes across your portfolio is an enormous investment of time and money.

At Density, we minimize this investment by starting small — one floor, in one building. Customers choose one of their most widely used spaces — headquarters, for example — to start with.

This minimizes the time and money spent on installation and lets our customers see — within days —the value of knowing how their space is used.

Based on these initial findings, we work with our customers to determine how many sensors are needed, and how that will look distributed across their portfolio.

Prepare for and lead the next “normal”

We all seem stuck in this time in between the past and future. But this period of purgatory offers you an opportunity to invest in your future with minimal disruption to business as usual.

Many workplace leaders have seized this moment to invest in the future of their physical spaces.

Schedule a chat with our team to see how quickly you can deploy Density sensors in your workplace to discover how your people use your space.