Density attends NeoCon, the largest commercial design event

NeoCon is one of the largest commercial design conferences in the world. With over 50,000 attendees, companies showcase their newest furniture designs and office-tech solutions. For the event, we partnered with Knoll Inc to demonstrate our people counting ability live on their showroom floor. We installed Density units above the entrances to the showroom, over multiple phone booths, and inside a conference room.

Kylie Roth, Senior Director, Workplace Research at Knoll, sat down with our Director of Market Research, Ari Kepnes, to discuss the changing landscape of office design and how Density could be used to enhance the workplace. She told us about a trend called “Homing From Work,” which has inspired innovative companies to create welcoming environments at the office in which employees can be comfortable and more productive. Using Density, companies can understand how their offices are being used and subsequently make effective improvements to the layout and design.